What is Marketing Julep?

Shannon Bullard SweetserMarketing Julep is a one-woman inbound marketing services agency run by Boston-based marketer, Shannon Bullard Sweetser.


The Story


Between January and June 2010, writer, content-creator, beer-lover, and passionate community manager, Shannon Bullard Sweetser, found herself without a job and with ample amounts of free time.

In fact, it was the first time since high school that she had been unemployed for an extended period of time.

She needed a hobby, she needed to save money, and she also wanted to create her first work-related blog.

With Shannon, it’s always been difficult to find that perfect work-to-life balance that lots of modern professionals dream of when they lay their marketing-filled heads on their pillows at night.

Mint-JulepSo between January & June, she thought and thought. She started mixing cocktails. She dreamed. She submitted applications to jobs.  She crushed mint. She went to interviews. She learned how to make a killer Mango Margarita.

That’s when an idea started to form. She shouldn’t have to separate her work passions for her real-life passions. Aren’t they one in the same?

The internet has made it so easy to get a glimpse into everyday lives of our friends, family, and even our co-workers. It’s that transparency that brings us all a little closer to the people we see everyday.

Any great mixologist will tell you that to make a great cocktail you need quality, fresh ingredients, the right tools, and you also need the talent and measurements to recreate a successful drink every time.  To Shannon, mixing amazing cocktails didn’t seem that different from creating a successful marketing mix.

So, grab a stiff drink. Relax, enjoy. Repeat.