How to Create a Lead-Generating Compelling Offer in just 1 Work Day

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Your goal as a marketer should be to, over-time, transform your website from a stagnant brochure into an optimized piece of machinery which regularly attracts new visitors (via social media and search engines). Your second goal should be to better convert those visitors into leads for your business.

One of the best ways to attract and convert visitors is to create valuable content in the form of a compelling offer. However, every day I talk to marketers who say they never have enough time to really grow their website’s assets. To help increase turn around time on creating compelling offers for your website, here are some tips on how to accomplish the task of creating and completing your compelling offer in just 1 day.

Brainstorm Your Compelling Offer (1 Hour)

Brainstorming can be the most difficult part of the process of creating a compelling offer because it’s so easy to get derailed. To maximize the outcome of your brainstorming, start the process by examining pathways (keywords) your visitors are currently using to find your website using Google Analytics (refers) or HubSpot (Sources).

Next, make a list of a 5-10 keywords that could be the foundation of a meaningful offer and brainstorm offers based on those keywords. Think: “What are some top-of-the-funnel offers I can create based on these keywords?” For example, using a keyword worksheet I may want to create an offer based on the long tail keyword “easy search engine optimization for small business” since it’s likely that a person using that keyword may be interested in our SEO services.

Select Your Offer (1 hour)

Take a look at the offers you brainstormed and select the offer you believe you have the most available assets for and could easily knock out in a day. Also consider selecting an offer that doesn’t depend on too many external resources or resources that have yet to be created. If you already have a fantastic webinar that you could use to create the content in your offer or a few blog posts on the topic, take that into account. You could save time later if you can repurpose material that already exists. Also take the time to determine the format of your offer. For example, a 3-page check-list or white-paper might be easier to create than a 20-page ebook with multiple contributors. A webinar is a great offer that can be planned for a later date, but you could work on building the slides for the webinar within 24 hours. Once you’ve selected your offer, do not throw out any brainstorming notes. They can be used to kick-start a fresh brainstorming session later!

Draft Your Compelling Offer – (1-2 Hours)

This is the hard part. Carving out 1-3 hours of time to create content can seem really taxing for many people. To make it easier, block out some time in your schedule to spend some time writing out the bones of your compelling offer. In your first draft, don’t focus on how it reads, instead focus on the value of the content. If you’re offer is a webinar or a video, spend your time story boarding out your presentation.

Pro-tip: Set a timer for yourself so you have a set amount of time to spend on the project so it doesn’t end up taking over your entire work day.

Take a Break (1-2 Hours)

You’ve worked hard. Spend some time checking your email and working on other tasks so you can come back to your compelling offer with fresh eyes.

Review Your Compelling Offer and Make Changes. (2 Hours)

Now it’s time to put some meat on the bones of your compelling offer. In the first draft, you should have made a point to push forward without looking back. Now, you can spend more time with your content and bring structure to abstract thoughts and ground the entire document in clarity and reality. In the case of a webinar, perform a few couple of run throughs of your slides, adding in any necessary information or transitions to make the presentation clearer.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a compelling offer for your business that you can offer behind a form and collect more leads. You did it in less than a day and if you did it right you can offer this piece of content for quite some time.


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 Note:  This content is a piece created by me that originally appeared on the PullnotPush blog in 2011.   After the company (and website) closed its doors in 2012, it was reposed to this blog so people may continue to enjoy it.