How to Make Infographics Part of Your Existing Content Creation Strategy

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1-why-infographicsWhen I was contracting at HubSpot back in 2009-2010, I worked with the awesome designer, Mike Worth, to create an infographic called The Birth of the Inbound Marketing Universe: Google to HubSpot. It was a great opportunity for me to utilize my Wikipedia and research skills to develop an interesting piece of content for HubSpot that visually articulated how Inbound Marketing developed from the inception of the internet to today.

While, I had no experience with infographics before my HubSpot days, I was a fast learner. After learning how easy it was to create an infographic, I’m often surprised that more companies don’t invest the time to include them into an existing content creation strategy. I think the assumption for most people is that infographics are time consuming or expensive. However, considering that personal financial software provider Mint churned out a mountain of infographics in just 2010 alone – it seems silly that more companies aren’t doing the same.  Therefore, here a few tips that should assist you when creating your first infographic for your business or blog.

Generating Content

Infographics are built on hard data. So, my recommendation is to start with information that you already have at your fingertips or information you can assemble easily. For example, I used information pulled from HubSpot’s Twitter Grader to put together HubSpot’s Twitter Territory Map. To get started, try to think of a few unique ways to deliver information that you already have at your business in a visual format. Once you’ve put together the data and have a concept, approach your designer to see how they can turn your data into a visual story line.

Selecting a Designer

If you have access to a designer, great. If not, hire someone! I found Mike Worth after doing a Google search for “infographic designer,” but you might be able to find a designer through a service marketplace like Elance or oDesk. Keep in mind, infographics can be on virtually any topic important to your business prospects, but it’s important to work with the right designer to formulate the concept around the information. Ask to see examples of infographics they’ve done or do a search for infographics. In my case, I came to Mike Worth because I enjoyed an infographic he made featuring a beer map. I liked his style and so we worked together later on the infographic below:



Infographics work because great content doesn’t always mean great written content.  We could get all the same information detailed above  from the Word document that I sent to Mike Worth, but why would we want to?

Publishing Your Infographic

Recently, the HubSpot team put together a really great infographic detailing important moments during the entire History of the Marketing Universe. It’s also very effective at delivering a lot of facts while keeping the information visually stimulation. However, one thing I really appreciate is that HubSpot has strengthened their infographic delivery system in a few ways since I worked there.

Take a look HubSpot blog post which contains the infographic. Here’s what they did right:

  • They posted the infographic to their blog and hosted the infographic on their site.
  • The infographic is the perfect size to fit in almost any blog screen without having to scroll vertically (L or R)
  • They included an embed code so people who want to share the infographic can do so easily, but the embed code automatically populates a text link to their website as well as the title of the infographic.
  • The blog post with the infographic has a helpful introduction explaining a little context for the information and links to other relevant blog content on similar topics.
  • The infographic contains a boilerplate with the source of the infographic as well as the HubSpot logo so even if the infographic is found by someone who didn’t see the original link, the image is still credited to HubSpot

History of Marketing Infographic

History of Marketing Infographic

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    Very cool post.  I’ve noted a lot of infographics lately and would love to learn this.  Thanks!