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Why the 2010 Sasquatch Music Festival Ruined All Other Festivals For Me Forever

July 2nd, 2010

When my friend Aaron suggested a group of us get together and mass exodus to the Pacific Northwest for the Sasquatch Music Festival, an Indie Rock festival held in the middle of nowheresville, Washington State, I was dubious. I’m 27 years old and not well-known among my friends as an outdoor enthusiast.

It’s not that I hate the outdoors. I like walking outside. I like eating in the sunlight. I really enjoy a time on the beach. However, my times outside are always book-ended by a shower and a nice warm & soft bed.

You see most of the people who go to the Sasquatch Music Festival are a special breed of hyperactive, crunchy hipsters mostly found in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a southern transplant in New England who believes in air-conditioning.

I’d love to be the type of girl who could just throw on a t-shirt, take a sponge bath and forget all my cares and worries in a pair of skinny jeans and day-glow colored shirt. However, I’m not like that and my friends who were like that aren’t like that anymore.

Columbian River Vantage Washington

That’s why we rented a gorgeous rental house right on the Columbia River in Vantage Washington.  While thousands of Spokane kids were rocking the shanty camp towns and rocking the Honey Bucket, my friends were sleeping comfortably in our real beds, cooking Pancakes every morning and soaking in the Hot Tub every night while watching the stars.


After several nights of this posh and cushy festival experience, I soon realized that my relative comfort wasn’t the only reason I felt that Sasquatch was the festival for people like me (read: Old Indie Rockers). While the Sasquatch Festival has its fair share of younglings who threw massive costume parties in honor of Passion Pit and MGMT, I felt quite at home there, too. You see, old indie rockers like me… we still like to kick back and slum it with the kiddos every now and then, too! Sure our insides don’t take the PBR like the used to and we don’t always throw ourselves into the pit and stay there dancing for hours, but we know our fucking music. Fortunately, the perks of Sasquatch don’t just stop with the killer line up.

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